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Our Mission

CommunityWorks was founded in 1995 with the mission of empowering people through meaningful employment opportunities. Job seekers walk through our doors and receive job readiness instruction, life skills training, professional clothing, connections to businesses, support services while they are at work, and huge doses of encouragement from our caring staff. 


Jerry Riley, Participant

CommunityWorks has given me purpose, and reminded me of the power I had within me the entire time. I am proud to not only work with them, but I can share my story to inspire others.

Synthonia Lee, Participant

CommunityWorks supported me with employment and other matters in a transitional time in my life. This organization meets you where you are at, and works to get you where you hope to be.

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Casper Richard, Participant

I found CommunityWorks when I was at my lowest. They helped keep me on the right path and find my own passion in helping others with a similar past. I now enjoy being the person that others can rely on.

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Join us in the fight to end poverty and to directly empower our community !

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