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How much does it cost to use services at CommunityWorks?
All of our services are free to job seekers.

Is CommunityWorks a staffing agency?
No. We are a social enterprise which assists job seekers with coaching, training and transitional jobs. Employers hire our referrals directly.

What topics do you cover in the Career Preparation Workshops?
Career Interest Inventories (using Strengths Finder, RIASEC short form, or Career Decision Making (CDM)

Barrier to Employment Success Inventory (BESI)

Identifying barriers to employment with strategies to overcome them
Open and hidden job markets
Overcoming excuses and self-sabotage
Learning new skills (resources and referrals)
Finding new resources and networks
Facing the fear factor and choosing a positive attitude
Conflict resolution
Preparing the resume, application, and cover letter
foron-line applications and resume attachment
Interviewing skills
Professionalism (including dressing for success)
Personal selling points and “elevator speech”
15 Keys to Keeping the Job

What additional resources do you provide?
Anything a job seeker would need to get a job such as; Professional clothing
On a case-by-case basis, Bus tickets for interviews, funds for tools or uniforms, scholarships for training
Leads for current job openings

Who does CommunityWorks serve?
Any job seeker is welcome at CommunityWorks, provided he/she can legally work in the US and pass a drug test. We specialize in assisting low-income job seekers and those with barriers to employment (such as those transitioning from government assistance to those with criminal backgrounds to those lacking transportation or child care) as long as they are willing to work to become job-ready. About 15% of our clients have no significant barriers but need the connections CommunityWorks can provide.

Our 2020 demographics:
51% male
49% female
21% Caucasian
22% Latino
45% African-American
12% Other
81% came in with household incomes of less than $10,000
62% traveled by bus, 38% by car
44% needed housing.