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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whom do we serve?
    We serve job seekers and individuals who have barriers to gainful employment. It is our mission to empower the individual through career preparation and job placement to have a sustainable and progressive career. Our main community populations are: Families in temporary need for aid/stability, individuals receiving food assistance, formerly incarcerated individuals, individuals over 50 years of age, and veterans. The minimum age we serve is 18.
  • What do we do exactly?
    The process is easy. Upon signing up for our programs, you will have access to educational material, 1 on 1 coaching, wrap around services, and industry recognized credentials. These services help prepare and develop skills for job placement and retention, while removing barriers that make it difficult to receive or maintain employment. We will be with you every step of the way! Each site offers services directed and tailored to the community they are located. You can explore each site and get in touch through this online portal.
  • Why do we do what we do?
    We understand that things happen and sometimes we inherit scenarios and circumstances that make life hard. It is our goal to end the cycle of poverty, bridge the devastation of the ‘cliff effect’ and set the tone for generational success. To have a healthy economy, it starts in the community! We are a community that cares, a community that builds, and a community that works!
  • How do we make it all happen?
    To accomplish our goal to employ and empower, we rely on community partnerships to make it happen. Each site has a relationship with the area they serve and the industries that make the mission possible. We develop MOU’s with outside partners to provide training, resources, and educational material for our participants. In addition, we participate in a hidden job market that allows our participants the first shot at many jobs before they are publically on the workforce listings.
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