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Career Preparation

Attend our Career Preparation Workshop as the first step on the path to employment.


Personalized Coaching

This stage includes resume preparation, interview prep, and referrals for additional services such as housing, food and more. 


Job Placement

Get directly placed in a job with an employer who we will work collaboratively with for your stability and success.


Wrap Around Services

Tap in to additional resources like lawn care services, cleaning crew, driving school, career clothing closet and more! 

Need a phone?
Tap into our JobLine program!

Our JobLine program provides free smart phones for eligible, low income individual job seekers. In Colorado, over 100,000 job seekers qualify for this program, but only less than half of them are using this service currently. Let's change that!

Our @Work programs, including lawn care, are designed to help unemployed or underemployed individuals with transitional work. You can either get a half-service mow (front or back yard) for $40 or you can do a full service mow (front and back yard) for $60. 

Need clothes?
Check out our @Work Career Closet!

We provide job seekers with outfits for interviewing and on-the-job confidence. The @Work Career Closet is dedicated to CommunityWorks participants and those of referring agencies. The business clothes are from individual donors and clothing drives.

Lawn needs mowing? 
Tap into our @Work Lawn Care service!

DenverWorks is excited to be serving the community at its full potential. We welcome all individuals experiencing barriers to sustainable employment. Programming is centered and tailored to the individual experience and demand. As we work to serve all participants to the best of our ability, each program has an avenue of support and resources. CommunityWorks' Compass Rose Collaborative (Young Adult Reentry Partnership) is 100% funded by the U.S. Department of Labor in the amount of $731,400. No other sources of funding support this program.

Ready to start?

Sign up here to book a session with a career empowerment coach.

Let's get you Back To Business.

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