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CommunityCares Award



Nominations Are Closed

To uplift the incredible work being done within our neighborhoods, CommunityWorks has established an annual award to recognize an individual(s) for their efforts. This award serves the Aurora, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo communities.

We are looking for individuals making a difference on a small scale and large scale. These nominated individuals possess characteristics of innovation, creativity, and leadership; operating through the lens of intersectionality and equity, to further progress access and accountability in their community. The CommunityCares award is one of the highest recognitions an individual can receive. As the lead award for the Community Breakfast Award Ceremony, The CommunityCares award is sought after by many, but awarded to few. It symbolizes the strong relationships cultivated and the future of impact mapped ahead. Help us elevate and celebrate the incredible work that these individuals have put forth on building a better community.


  • All ages will be considered for this nomination.

  • Letters of recommendation are highly encouraged 

  • Nominees should not be current employees or affiliated through CommunityWorks.

  • Nominees must have a physical presence in the Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo communities.

  • Self-nominations are encouraged.

  • Nominee can not be a former recipient of the selected award

What Makes a Good Nomination?

When nominating, we may have a lot to say about the individual. Some key pointers in submitting a nomination are as follows:

  • Be concise and stay on point. Although there are multiple ways to demonstrate leadership and engagement, pick 1 - 2 scenarios and expand.

  • Be direct. When referencing a neighborhood, community, organization, etc. that has been positively impacted by the individual’s efforts, be direct. Listing the name, address, and website is helpful when reviewing nominations. 

  • Inform the individual that they are being nominated. We will reach out to all nominated individuals in request for more information or potentially a phone interview. It is best for them to know who nominated them to ensure they are prepared.


Nomination deadline:  11:59 p.m., Monday, September 26th, 2022. No Extensions.

All nominations must be submitted using the CommunityWorks website. Letters of recommendations can be sent to Eboni Nash at All letters of recommendations must include the nomination name and follow-up contact information for the sender. Submissions become the property of CommunityWorks and sponsoring parties. Information submitted may be used for publication and advertising, keeping the personal identifiers private.

For more information about the nomination process, the use of submitted content, or interest in award sponsorship, contact Eboni Nash, Vice President of Development,

2021 CommunityCares Award


Representative Leslie Herod


Senator Pete Lee

Representative Leslie Herod

She sees me, she sees us, all of us, and she is determined to give the underserved their voice. ” Words taken directly from her nomination, Representative Herod wears her heart on her sleeve and paves the way for others to do so, safely. She embodies the true meaning of authenticity and lived experience, while modeling the future trajectory for our community. Another nomination reads, “in meeting with her, she went above and beyond to connect me with others who could help with my question, but also help with any initiative that we could move forward.”  When we say lived experience, Representative Herod does just that. She elevates historically excluded stories, navigates oppressive infrastructures, and prioritizes the needs of the individual, to improve the overall collective. On behalf of CommunityWorks, congratulations and thank you for your unwavering dedication to our neighbors and the greater community at large. 


Senator Pete Lee

Referring back to the words of the late John Lewis, “When you see something that is not right, Not fair, not just. Say something, do something, get in trouble, good trouble, Necessary trouble.” These words stand firm to the movement and change Senator Lee has done, for this state and our communities. An individual who does his best to understand the indirect and direct barriers marginalized communities take on daily. His heart, deep within commitment to the fair treatment for all, deserving love to this planet, and the communal well being of Colorado and its people. Senator Lee is known for his soft laugh and humbled persona. Some may say his smile can sway a pen and his humility will seal the deal; but there is never a doubt of the passion behind Senator Lee’s work. As a recipient of the first CommunityCares Award and on behalf of CommunityWorks, congratulations and thank you for your commitment to others. 

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The CommunityCares Awards 

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Nominations Now Are Closed!

Award Recipients Will Be Announced Monday, Oct. 17th

The CommunityCares Awards were established to recognize the incredible work being done throughout Colorado communities. With efforts to minimize homelessness, increase workplace training, expand supportive services, and provide mentorship and support for all walks of life, there is absolutely recognition to be given. It takes a collective to create a sustainable and thriving community. By breaking the cycle of poverty, disrupting traditional practices, and establishing new ways of communal growth, we want to celebrate the work you are doing!

If you have any questions about nomination or the Community Breakfast, please do not hesitate to reach out. 



Nominations are closed!


The ACTIFY Award

Sustainability and innovative change are crucial to the success and wellbeing of a growing community. As our circumstances shift, so do our needs for resources, service, and connection. The CommunityWorks ACTIFY award recognizes individuals who take the step in establishing new programs, organizations, and training operations.


Specifically for 501(c)3 nonprofits, this award elevates the necessary thought-partnership and collaboration for community achievement. For the start-ups and go-getters, ACTIFY is an inclusive term for leaders and change-makers. The definition of Actify is to initiate something or start a function. We believe this award serves as the platform for excellence. As a community, we want to celebrate your brilliance and continue to give where the need arises. Do you know an individual who recently found a nonprofit organization? Help us recognize their work by submitting a nomination today!


  • Ages 18 + will be considered for this award

  • Verification of 501(c)3 status will be required 

  • Organization must be operating in one of the following Colorado Cities: Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo

  • Letters of recommendation are highly encouraged

  • Nominees should not be current employees or affiliated through CommunityWorks.

  • Nominees must have a physical presence in the Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo communities.

  • Self-nominations are encouraged.

  • Nominee can not be a former recipient of the selected award

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