About us

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Vision & Mission

CommunityWorks empowers the unemployed and those with barriers to employment to become self-supporting through job preparation and placement. Our vision is to see all job seekers in our community employed and fulfilling their God-given design.


Founded in 1995, CommunityWorks has been committed to connecting job seekers to businesses that need employees. Since then, over 30,000 job seekers have walked through our doors, receiving job readiness instruction, life skills training, professional clothing for interviews and on-the-job use, connections to jobs, and huge doses of encouragement from our caring staff. Of those in the Career Prep & Placement track, approximately 5,800 have gotten jobs after participating in CommunityWorks’ programs.


Q: Whom do we serve?

Answer: We serve entry-level job seekers, with an emphasis on the low-income with barriers to employment, age 17 & up. People with barriers may include ex-offenders, monolingual Spanish speakers, those wanting to get off government assistance, those who lack transportation, child care, or HS diplomas/GED, etc.

Q: What do we do exactly?

Answer: We help poor and marginalized people in metro areas around the country find jobs through career preparation & placements.

Q: Why do we do what we do?
Answer: As an organization, we fulfill mandates regarding caring for our neighbors, plus we tackle poverty in the most effective and efficient means we know of, which is employment.

Q. How do we make it all happen?
Answer: We make it happen through our Career Preparation Workshops, Soft Skills Training, Job Placement Services, Resume Preparation, Computer Lab, Pathways to Hard Skills Training, and Support Services such as our professional clothing closets.

Q. What do we want to accomplish?
Answer: We seek to tackle poverty in a way that works, by helping 10% of the poor get and keep sustainable wage employment.