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Career Preparation & Placement

Participants who complete our job seeker workshop are matched with an employment coach who provides individualized job search assistance to include resume preparation, e-mail setup if needed, interview coaching, job leads, and community referrals for housing, transportation, healthcare, counseling, childcare,
food and other support services.

The Career Prep workshop includes an interest inventory, discussion of barriers, hidden and open job markets, personal selling points, interviewing, goal-setting, facing fear and self-sabotage, and much more.
Former offenders receive additional help.

In addition, we provide life skills assistance to help address other issues related to success--financial management, time management, conflict resolution, anger management, parenting, reconciliation, and interpersonal communication skills. Statistics support that when these areas are addressed, our clients’ success rates for keeping a job and becoming contributing members of society rise significantly.


Pre-Apprentice + Programs

  • Construction

  • Job Line

  • CSWorks

  • Leadership in Customer Service

  • @Work Career Closet


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Construction Pre-Apprentice Program


Customized Pre-Apprenticeship Services
Job Preparation
Career Prep Workshop, Resume Review, Industry Focused Certifications, Osha Overview


Job Placement
Employer Outreach & Development, Employer Direct Hire Memo’s, Program Letters of Support, Individualized Job Matching.

Job Retention
Participant Employer Tracking, Data Collection, and Supportive Services (i.e.: transportation, cell phones for employer contacts and interviews, clothing, and tools).

Employer Research  
Conduct research in each Countytounderstandjob market. Conduct focus groups with
companiesinterested inhired the target populations.

Employer Outreach  
Connect graduates with Union and Non- Union construction companies via direct placement.

Employer Opportunity to Compete Memo
DenverWorksestablishesmemorandum of understanding with employers to interview participants after completing the DenverWorks Construction
Pre-Apprenticeship Program.
Uponcompletion oftheprogram participants are offered jobs.

Program Outline:
Day 1 (4 hrs)
Soft Skills
Construction culture

Day 2 (6 hrs)
Basic Job site safety training
Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Flagger Training

Day 3 (4 hrs)
Basic Hand Tool Safety

Day 4 (4 hrs)
Apprenticeship Portfolio, career coach, Graduation

Classes are scheduled monthly.



The Job-Line program is the DenverWorks free smart phones program for eligible, low income individual job seekers. DenverWorks has been a part of removing barriers to employment for 21 years, by helping participants obtain voicemails for access to jobs.
Now, we have expanded our employer contact program to include cell phone service through the LifeLine program to qualifying participants. DenverWorks partnered with the Federal LifeLine program to serve jobless individuals. DenverWorks’ JobLine program will help bridge the technical divide between employers and job-seekers.

Did you know?


In Colorado over 100,000 job- seekers qualify for the phone program but sadly on 46% currently utilize the service.

If you need a phone please contact us.




Building effective management and supervisory skills that can help you and your organization succeed starts with DW management and supervisory skills training. DW offers you introductory and advanced management development programs to help you develop and refine the skills you need to manage people more effectively—and be ready for unexpected change. Explore topics critical to developing effective supervisor and management skills. The course will dive deep into interpersonal and communication skills, supervisory skills training and time management skills—everything you need to manage people effectively.

The program is designed to introduce and develop effective supervisor and management competencies for aspiring leaders in the customer service field. manage people while developing supervisor soft skills to shift from being an individual contributor to a well-respected manager.




Our Closet provides job seekers with outfits for interviewing and on-the-job confidence. Individual donors and clothing drives maintain our clothing inventory. The @Work Career Closet is dedicated to DenverWorks program participants and those of referring agencies.  On average participants are able to receive 3 outfits that will help with their job preparation and retention

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