Career Training

Back to Business provides in-demand industry recognized credentials to clients around skills needed to procure and maintain a job. These industry recognized credentials address expectations and may include industry specific hard and soft skills. Industry recognized credentials address gaps in education and training for 21st century career attainment.

Job Placement

Back To Business provides direct placement in jobs for clients.

Back to Business maintains collaborative relationships with employers to increase success.

Participants who complete our job seeker workshop are matched with an employment coach who provides individualized assistance to include resume preparation, e-mail setup if needed, interview coaching, and community referrals for housing, healthcare, counseling, childcare, computer skills, food and other support services.

Job Preparation Services

In addition to career training and job placement Back To Business leverages services that help older ex-offenders stay employed continuously, which is a key to long-term success. This creates financial stability leads to housing stability.

In addition, we provide life skills assistance to help address other issues related to success–financial management, time management, conflict resolution, anger management, parenting, reconciliation, and interpersonal communication skills. Statistics support that when these areas are addressed, our clients’ success rates for keeping a job and becoming contributing members of society rise significantly. The Back To Business program includes a 12-month follow up post job placement to address new needs and ensure long-term success.

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